The Top 10 Cam Sites of 2019

The sex cam industry is rapidly changing and growing. Every year there are new sites which offer exciting, original features. So if you want to make the absolute best choice for your taste then it’s necessary to stay up to date. That’s why we created this list of the top sex cam sites for 2019.

The way we see it there are two main types of adult cam sites - the “Freemium” sites, and the “Premium” ones.

The Top Premium Cam Sites

Premium sites require an upfront cost, but the quality of the experience is much higher. These are often tightly designed, technically proficient sites. Their aim is to get you a personal experience with a great model quickly and easily. Premium sites usually don’t have crowded chat rooms or tons of ads. They encourage a personal connection between their consumers and the cam models. They guarantee a higher baseline of quality that freemium sites can’t match.


It would be easy for a succesful site like to get complacent, but it continues to push the quality of it's offerings every year. This site's sleek design makes it a joy to browse through it's hundreds of live feeds. has also eagerly embraced smart toys - nearly a third of this sites models use some sort of smart vibrator. It was honestly a little hard to choose where to place this site, as it has great paid and free content. Also - no ads!

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2. LiveJasmin

For years LiveJasmin has been a dominant force in the sex cam industry. It offers a huge selection of beautiful models, consistently high quality streams, and a new website design that has become the industry standard. It was an easy choice for our top sex cam list. New users should be aware that most of the cam models are professionals in studios, so if you’re really interested in an “amateur” cam experience this may not be your best choice. But for most customers willing to pay up front, it will be hard to do better than LiveJasmin.

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3. Imlive

Like LiveJasmin, Imlive is another old player in the sex cam industry. It boasts the largest and most diverse selection of cam girls anywhere on the internet. Though the site design is a little behind the times, it functions very well technically. All the streams are clear and the interface is easy to use. It also features some insanely low rates, especially after you factor in the generous rewards program. For an unprecedented selection of female models at great prices, go with ImLive.

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4. Camsoda

Most of our top 10 cam sites of 2019 are older business which have had lots of time to build up their offerings. Camsoda is an exception. It’s a relatively new site that features some really interesting forward-looking features. CamSoda was the first cam site to offer virtual reality cam streams. It’s also embracing interactive toys faster than any other platform. The model selection is wonderfully large and diverse, and the site design is powerful. If you’re a more tech-savvy consumer then CamSoda is the option for you.

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5. Flirt4Free

If you’re willing to go ultra-premium, this is the site for you. Flirt4Free probably wins out for the best tech on any adult cam site. The streams are perfect, the user experience is top notch, and the rewards program is extensive. The downside is the much higher costs. But if money is no object for your perfect cam experience then you’ll be hard pressed to find any downside to this incredible cam site.

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The Top Free Cam Sites

A freemium site lets you see a good deal of it’s quality content for free, right after you sign up with a valid email. The catch is that the experience isn’t very personal or private. On a freemium cam site you and 1500 other people will probably be watching the same free show together. The site may be clogged with ads, an intrusive chat window, and popups. But since you’re not paying money for the more premium content that’s just the cost of the show. These sites need to support themselves and pay their models somehow.

Most of these sites allow you to upgrade to a more premium experience - you can pay a standard rate for a private show, pay a fee to remove ads from the site, etc. But they will generally offer a less personal, less intimate experience. If you do pay, you’ll just pay for the content you want the most. Given the state of the cam industry we felt that free sites were a necessary addition to any comprehensive list of the top 10 best cam sites of 2019.

1. MyFreeCams

This was an easy pick. MyFreeCams has been the go-to freemium cam site for years. You can tell this is an old site the minute you load it up. It reminds me strongly of the old myspace days, only this site is full of beautiful, naked cam girls. Despite being a freemium site, some of the biggest models in the industry are on MyFreeCams, and if you’re willing to put up with the ancient site design and spammy chat window then you can see some amazing shows for free, along with a thousand other strangers.

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2. BongaCams

While BongaCams is a relatively new site it’s quickly become one of the most popular in Europe. It’s got group shows for free, similar to the other choices in this section, but it also offers great premium services for some of the lowest prices anywhere. You can choose to use BongaCams as a premium service or a freemium one. It’s a versatile site with an excellent selection of models - between 500 and 1000 live streams at any given time.

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3. SlutRoulette

This site is a ton of fun, so long as you enjoy the surprise of not knowing which model you’ll get matched up with. Like the name implies, this service involves a gamble. It allows you to spy on a random private show from You get no interaction with the model (unless you pay extra), but you do get to see some premium content for free. The fun as well as the main downside is the fact that you have no choice which model you get to see. But “Channel surfing” between random shows can be addictive. This may not end up being your go-to site, but the randomness of the shows can be exciting.

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4. Chaturbate

Unlike any other site, Chaturbate blurs the line between cam customer and cam model. Here you can broadcast yourself for tokens which can be spent on other models or redeemed for cash. Because it’s so easy to broadcast, a lot of people - all kinds of people - do it. This site is a lot of fun to browse as a free user, and you can see a lot of great content for free, though you may have to do some digging to find it.

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5. Visit-X

While many premium sites are moving in the direction of professional models and private studios, some sites like Visit-X are leaning in the opposite direction. This site features exclusively amateur cam models and gives you a ton of great content after signup. If you’re into amateurs of all kinds and not into spending lots of cash then Visit-X is a great choice.

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That’s it - all the best cam sites of 2019. While these sites are safe bets with broad appeal, be sure to read our in-depth reviews to see which of these choices is the best for your particular preferences.

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